Let us look forward to 2013 and… stay updated with blasts from the past!

First of all, I would like to portray my appreciation towards all those who visited my blog and signalling their interest and support by clicking the ‘Like’ button on some of the posts I published. I am a newbie to blogging and having started just three weeks ago, I realise it takes more than just great topic to make it a go, but also dedication and attention to quality and details. Secondly, let us look forward to 2013 with great enthusiasm and let us grab any challenges with positive mind. But, let us not forget the history – historical things like incidents that happened to our place in yesteryears. Some historical events we may know too well these days, yet there are some we rarely or never even heard. Newspapers of yesteryears reported stories immediately after an event occurred, giving first detailed accounts of when, where, how it happened and who was involved. I have to admit that some news stories doesn’t really impacted in national or international scale.

But, for people living in minor places, having seen their place mentioned on international newspapers decades ago are interesting enough, be it for right or wrong reasons (depending on which perspective are you on!). People may like to know what sections of history that may never be told through them. Besides, history books in national schools only tell us the ones that have greater impact to national and international scale. The rest – like the history of your local towns, can only be obtained from stories passed down for generations, public archives and museums. But, in reality most of us may not bother to even care about it. This is part of the reasons I created this blog – to share elements of historical events through newspaper cuttings. Last but not least, I think I should just keep the ‘romanticised’ post titles on-going…to keep things sensationalised in 2013. Smile

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