Borneo jungle was safer than civilized and gangster ridden Chicago (1928)


Borneo was known in the West as a land of thick jungles, handsome amounts of flora and fauna and not to forget the deadly head hunters that roam the remote forest, far from the signs of modern civilization. For them, Borneo was almost mythical, a faraway land that was among the last places that were barely touched by modern and civilized trappings of urban life. Today, such perceptions are probably lesser, especially in regards to head hunters (or warriors as thought by some people). This news article reported the planned expedition of a group of Americans who insisted that despite the pessimism or misgivings the Western public had on places such as  Borneo, the group leader was quoted as saying,

“It is true enough that savages of more or less headhunting proclivities lurk in the dark fastness of Borneo, but in justice these unenlightened tribesmen it is only fair that we remember that right here in Chicago, a city of civilized people, malevolent gunmen and bandit killers make life quite precarious.”

Article source: The Milwaukee Journal, 28 October 1928

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